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Infrastructure investment underpins the construction machinery industry or will bottom up

infrastructure investment underpins the construction machinery industry or will bottom up

China Construction machinery information

the "good" brought by infrastructure investment is constantly strengthening, and many industries in the machinery field have bottomed out and rebounded

September and October are usually peak sales seasons, known as "golden nine and silver ten". For the construction machinery industry, this peak season is worthy of its name. The latest data showed that driven by infrastructure investment, bulldozer sales increased by 8.93% month on month in September, and market demand was further released in October

industry analysts believe that as one of the main members of the construction machinery family, bulldozers are widely used and are one of the essential equipment in various projects such as energy, transportation, urban construction and so on. Driven by the investment in railway and highway construction, the domestic market demand will gradually begin to be released

as another star product in the field of construction machinery that can only replace sensors in the future, the sales volume of excavators has also improved significantly

according to the data of China Machinery Federation, the sales volume of excavators increased by 44% year-on-year in August. If relevant parts are put into use without meeting the requirements, the sales volume in September increased by 71.40% year-on-year. Judging from the situation of Komatsu, a construction machinery giant, the company's excavators in China surged 97% year-on-year in September

insiders believe that the single month data of excavators, which makes them safer, has increased significantly year-on-year. On the one hand, the base is low in the same period last year. On the other hand, the starting data of excavators has been continuously improved, driven by downstream infrastructure and real estate demand. The promotion of PPP mode also has a positive impact on the sales of excavators

since September, other construction machinery varieties, such as truck cranes, road machinery, rotary drilling rigs, etc., have also increased to varying degrees

in response, Li Hongtu, chief economist of Expo finance and economics, said, "the strong rebound of construction machinery is a direct manifestation of the high growth of infrastructure investment in various regions. The continuous development of infrastructure investment has a positive impact on economic growth that cannot be underestimated."

the boom in the peak season also boosted the confidence of enterprises. Yaoguangshan, general manager of Sikes Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd., told that infrastructure investment is long-term, not explosive. Relevant industry data reflect that the construction machinery industry is slowly getting better

from the current situation, the "positive" brought by infrastructure investment continues to strengthen

recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued a notice to carry out PPP mode innovation in one city in each province. It also proposed that PPP innovation projects in line with the central budget investment, special construction funds and other support directions will be supported by reasonably arranging funds for these cases we have seen. At the same time, the third batch of PPP projects of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance have been released and implemented

in terms of highway construction, the annual construction target this year is 1.65 trillion yuan, and 1.03 trillion yuan of investment was completed in the first August, which means that there are still more than 600 billion yuan of investment that will be accelerated during the year. In terms of railways, the planned investment scale this year is about 800 billion yuan, and 452.9 billion yuan was invested in the first August

"the continued launch of infrastructure investment projects will drive the construction machinery industry for the better." Li Hongtu said

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