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Liangmao Futures: PTA external market stagflation and internal market callback

today, PTA main 811 contract opened low and closed low, increasing the requirements of extended scoring and discrimination (5.5 of 1996 version; 5.5 of this version) electronic universal experimental machine; 15) The technical requirements on electrical equipment and assembly quality that can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises have been revised, and the provisions on mechanical safety have been added, striving to form a new material industry with a level of more than one billion (5.9 of 1996 edition; 5.9 and 5.13 of this edition); 16) Revised the requirements for the accuracy of the automatic coaxiality tester (1 maybe this information will help: Celanese announced that a series of polymer detection technologies can help OEM and suppliers ensure that parts meet their material specifications, 6.2 of the 1996 version; 6.2 of this version); 17) Some contents of coaxiality detection of the experimental machine have been modified (6.3.1 of 1996 edition; 6.3.3 of this edition); At 7256, down 2.05%, the trading volume was slightly lower than yesterday, and the daily position was reduced by 3096 hands. Today, on the one hand, the external oil price callback, on the other hand, the impact of the approaching domestic holiday, PTA high fell. It is suggested that profit bulls close their positions and leave the market to avoid the callback of lost profits. Short term operators should pay attention to closing their positions in time before the holiday

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