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Liang Wengen supported Xiang Wenbo to participate in the evaluation of the person of the year of the economy

Liang Wengen supported Xiang Wenbo to participate in the evaluation of the person of the year of the economy, such as: in 2014, Wu

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Guide: whenever there is a fierce battle in the Jianghu, the real expert always hides behind the scenes. The case of Carlyle's merger and acquisition of XCMG launched by Xiang Wenbo, CEO of Sany Heavy Industry, is considered to be the most popular and controversial event in China's economic circles in 2006. The protagonist of the event, Xiang Wen, known as China first finance blog

when there is fierce fighting in the Jianghu, the real masters always hide behind the scenes

the case of Carlyle's merger and acquisition of XCMG initiated by Xiang Wenbo, CEO of Sany Heavy Industry, is considered to be the most popular and controversial event in China's economic circles in 2006. Xiang Wenbo, the protagonist of the event and known as "China first finance blog", has recently become one of the highest candidates for CCTV's voice of the 2006 economic year to do tensile experiments. Observers pointed out that, to some extent, once he finally won the award cup, it can be seen as a satisfactory end to his role in the XCMG case

"Wen Bo (Xiang) only fulfilled the obligation of a citizen who understands China's construction machinery industry in this matter, neither for his personal interests nor for the interests of Sany." On November 29, Liang Wengen, head of Sany, who just returned from a visit to India with a delegation of national leaders, was obviously in a good mood. In an interview with this newspaper to avoid such phenomena, he admitted that the response of the blog exceeded his expectations. Although the XCMG case was noisy, Liang Wengen remained silent throughout the process. When the case was coming to an end, the dialogue with this newspaper became Liang Wengen's first public statement on the incident

the acquisition of XCMG is to reduce vicious competition

on November 25, Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, visited Changsha. "Liang Wengen and I are friends." At that time, the "central figure" in the "vortex center" expressed friendship to Sany, especially Liang Wengen

"I have always been optimistic about the prospects of the construction machinery industry. What worries me most is the vicious competition in this industry. At present, mergers and acquisitions are a good way to avoid vicious competition." Although Xiang Wenbo did not admit that it was Sany's company's behavior to make troubles through his blog, even at the beginning of the incident, Sany issued an announcement saying that his blog was his personal behavior, But Liang Wengen did not hesitate to talk about the acquisition "ambition" of XCMG group, another protagonist of the Sany blog event: "because the price of XCMG's acquisition was relatively low, we proposed to acquire it. If XCMG was eventually acquired by SANY, it would be the best policy for us, so there would be no vicious competition with it."

however, from the beginning, XCMG did not regard Sany as an ideal acquirer, although this is later

"for us, if XCMG is finally acquired by Carlyle, we think this is the next best policy and an acceptable result." Liang Wengen said that the reason why he held this view was that once foreign investors acquired Chinese enterprises, they would standardize the management of enterprises, and sany would not have to worry about vicious competition

in the interview, Liang did not express his views on the current situation of competition with XCMG. He told that if both parties failed to acquire XCMG, it would be the worst choice. When he told him that Wang Min had also become the nominee of CCTV economic person of the year, "that's good." He answered with a smile. Maybe it's because he is more confident in the election of his partner Xiang Wenbo. When he said this, his smile didn't seem reluctant

supported Xiang Wenbo

in 2005, because Sany Heavy Industry was the first share of the split share structure reform in China's securities market. As the "first person in the share reform", Liang Wengen laughed last and finally stood on the podium of CCTV economic person of the year

a year later, his partner Xiang Wenbo is also infinitely close to the same trophy

"in terms of the influence of things, as long as it is fair, I think he has a great hope of winning this award." This person of the year of last year's economy did not hesitate to support Xiang Wenbo when predicting this year's person of the year. Once Xiang Wenbo finally wins the grand prize, Sany will also become the first enterprise to win the CCTV economic person of the year award for two consecutive years in the past seven years

at present, Xiang has been shortlisted for the final selection as one of the eight nominees in the central region. He is also the most recommended unit among all the nominees. He has been recommended by 6 units, including Guanghua School of management of Peking University

Qian Yingyi, Dean of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University, believes that the initiative of Xiang Wenbo to influence China's economic policies through blogs is conducive to promoting the democratization of China's major economic decisions

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