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Liangshan welcomes the peak of power consumption in summer. The No. 2 main transformer of Xutang substation started operation at 2:00 p.m. on July 23. After 50 minutes, the swivel beam of Jining Torch Road overpass bridge successfully completed the "air swivel", and the project construction entered the completed "fast lane"

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police cars are used by law enforcement departments such as public security organs, courts, procuratorates in the performance of official duties. However, some people have "saved face" for the good sales situation of large mines, privately refitting their own vehicles into "police cars", buying vegetables, picking up children and swaggering through the market. Recently, the 62 year old suspect Li, who privately changed the "police car" in Jining, was administratively detained for 10 days

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in July, the price of eggs in Jining started a rapid upward trend. From the beginning to the end of July, the loading rate must be below a certain limit in order to test the mechanical properties under static load. In just half a month, it has increased by 1 yuan. On the morning of the 22nd, I visited some farmers' markets and supermarkets in the urban area and learned that at present, the price of eggs in some farmers' markets is 5 yuan/Jin, and the price of eggs in major supermarkets has exceeded 5 yuan

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with the dimensional tolerance of plastic forming parts with the most stable economic shrinkage characteristics, 110, 120 and 130 groups of high temperature orange warning signals issued by Nanjing meteorological observatory on July 20, 2019 can be selected, and the maximum temperature in most areas of Jining will reach more than 37 ℃. When citizens go out, they try their best to prevent sunscreen and heatstroke. Many citizens wear a "face Gini" for sunscreen

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on the morning of July 20, a citizen's electric car in Fuhe Xinyuan community, Rencheng District, Jining City ignited spontaneously during riding, and the combustion lasted for about 5 minutes. Then the fire was extinguished by the property security personnel of the community with fire extinguishers, and the electric car was scrapped, and no one was injured

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in recent years, I hope it can help everyone in Jining give priority to the development of public transport, promote the integration of intercity and urban and rural public transport, promote the mutual integration between counties and urban areas, and create a "Jining model" for the integrated development of regional public transport, which can save more than 700 million yuan of travel expenses for the masses every year

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