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Liang Wengen CCTV dialogue full record: Changsha construction machinery will reach the world leading level

Liang Wengen CCTV dialogue full record: Changsha construction machinery will reach the world leading level

China Construction machinery information

on September 22, CCTV's "dialogue" program broadcast the closing work of "China's industrial landmark", Changsha from construction machinery to intelligent manufacturing. At the scene of the program, Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party committee, had a dialogue with Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany group, and other leaders of construction machinery. Golden sentences appeared frequently and were wonderful

1 million can not buy "paper"

Liang Wengen showed a coupon on the spot: "if our current employee has this paper, if you take 1million yuan to buy him this paper, he will definitely not sell it to you."

199 if the interval between the next group is longer than five years, Sany industrial city is officially put into operation. Because there is no time to make souvenirs, Liang Wengen gives you exchange coupons. "Later, I gave you a silver medal as souvenirs. In 2007, our sales exceeded 10billion yuan, and I changed that silver medal into a gold medal."

as the output value of Sany continues to rise, this coupon is also appreciating

"I made a promise. Every time Sany achieves a major milestone, it will be rewarded with 1million yuan when it breaks through 100billion yuan. Is it 2million yuan or 10million yuan when it breaks through 200billion yuan? I may... It's boring to disclose it. So this coupon is Sany's historical relics. If you buy it, you will definitely lose 1million yuan."

origin of the name of "Sany"

host: what does this "Sany" mean? What was the reason for considering the inertial force generated by the configuration mass in the resonant state

Liang Wengen: all of us who participate in Sany entrepreneurship know that the way out for China lies in reform, but the central link of reform is how to invigorate enterprises. At that time, the efficiency and vitality of state-owned enterprises before the reform were insufficient, so we wanted to run an enterprise

when we started our business, we were in the countryside. Xiongqingquan, the retired Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, often talked outside. He said that he had one-third of the shares of Sany Heavy Industry, but in fact he didn't

Why did he say that he had one-third of the shares? Because when Sany was in Lianyuan at that time, we proposed to "create first-class enterprises and cultivate first-class talents", which was written at the door as a couplet

at that time, I was very curious about our college students' entrepreneurship. Comrade Xiong Qingquan took many leaders to our Lianyuan factory to inspect. I reported to him "create a first-class enterprise and cultivate first-class talents". He added a sentence to me, "make first-class contributions". I think it's the finishing touch, very good

the three "first-class" of our Sany become these three sentences, which are called "creating first-class enterprises, cultivating first-class talents and making first-class contributions". The latter "making first-class contributions" is the contribution of Comrade Qingquan, the former Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, so he said that he had one third of Sany

the story of the first concrete pump truck in Sany

host: what is the "first" of special significance to you

Liang Wengen: it's a 37 meter pump truck. Now the pump truck is more than 100 meters, more than 80 meters and more than 90 meters. But in that environment, comrades, this 37 meter pump truck is the first in China. Strictly speaking, we still assemble. First of all, our chassis is imported from Mercedes Benz. Comrades, don't doubt it now. Now the chassis is made in China. The boom is also imported. In fact, it mainly imports the boom and the chassis, and then we assemble it into a 37 meter pump truck through technical design

this 37 meter pump truck was not sold within half a year after we produced it. Just a few months ago, I went to Xining to attend the meeting. I also took this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people of Xining, who bought the first pump truck. At that time, the provincial Party Secretary and governor of Qinghai were all in the 15N game. I bowed 90 ° on behalf of our more than 30000 employees

we are very proud that Changsha is the world's leader in the production of machinery for general flexible packaging manufacturers of concrete. The houses we live in, the roads we run, the factories we run, and the dams we build all need concrete. We Hunan people and Changsha people should be responsible for 70% and 80% of the concrete manufacturing, production, transportation and pumping in the world

from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", Changsha construction machinery will take the lead in the world.

Liang Wengen recalled the unforgettable events in the development of Fukushima rescue and other companies. Sany can always be seen in the construction of large-scale projects at home and abroad. Liang Wengen said that he was very proud that more than 200 Sany equipment participated in the construction of Daxing airport

he also showed the Sany remote intelligent control excavator, "in the future, our excavators in the United States and Japan can be operated in China, Changsha and Xingsha Industrial Park"

the transformation of China's construction machinery from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" is a positive result of Hunan people's dare to be the first and continuous exploration. Liang Wengen said boldly, "Changsha's construction machinery will certainly reach the world's leading level, and we will not disappoint everyone's expectations!"

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