Only 4 bookstores in Asia were selected on the lis

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Only 4 bookstores in Asia were selected in the list of the world's 20 most beautiful bookstores

recently, the world's 20 most beautiful bookstores were selected, and only 4 bookstores in Asia were selected. Good bookstores are always relaxed and happy. At a time when online bookstore Amazon is gradually eroding the physical Bookstore market, physical bookstores around the world are also gradually closing down, but there are still many bookstores worth going out of the online world to see the mystery for themselves. It said that the importance of physical bookstores should not be underestimated. It can be a community center or a place worth browsing and exploring. Therefore, the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world were selected

1. Selexyz dominicanen

located in Maastricht, the Netherlands, the paradise bookstore has a modern display. The predecessor of the bookstore is the 800 year old Dominican church, which was designed by Dutch architects MOX and kilod. The whole Bookstore combines modern elements with Gothic architectural style, and the solemn atmosphere of the church coincides with the theme atmosphere of the bookstore, which not only maintains the historical and ancient appearance of the Dominican church, but also brings a quiet shopping and rest place to modern people

2. Italy BookBar

located at the intersection of nazonale Avenue and Milan Avenue in Rome, Italy, BookBar's architecture is very contemporary art style. The arched ceiling, long bookshelves and snow-white decoration in the bookstore are like a space capsule. When readers and tourists come here, facing bookshelves full of books, DVDs and CDs, it is like participating in a commercial and cultural exhibition

3. Slovak composite bookstore

Alexis, a composite bookstore and cafe located in Slovakia, is designed by totalstudio. The flexible display space is designed in the form of a ladder like a concert performance space, which not only facilitates customers to take, browse and read, but also provides a venue for new book publishing, bookseller activities, etc. Enter the bookstore from the lower side. As the stairs rise, there is a small coffee bar above. Customers can choose to sit on the ground at will, read their favorite books or have a cup of coffee to relax. And there is no waste under the high floor, which not only provides storage space, but also accommodates offices, toilets, cashier counters, etc., which is really a very clever business space design

4. Portugal - Lello bookstore (Lello)

located in Porto, Portugal's second largest city, Lello bookstore, opened in 1881, has a history of nearly 120 years. There is a beautiful Gothic wooden staircase in the center of the bookstore, which leads to the roof. Readers can look up to the sky 360 degrees through the glass roof. Bookshelves around the stairs are full of Portuguese and English books. The magnificent artistic style and exquisite books make readers and tourists here linger

5. Belgium Brussels' cook book

cook book is like another world. The store is warm and comfortable, and the carefully arranged indoor space is full of the aroma of coffee, food and books. Opened just four years ago, it has been loved by Brussels people and residents of neighboring countries, and has become their daily place to go on weekends and vacations

6. China - thebookworm book bar is located in Sanlitun South Street in Beijing, where many foreigners come to Beijing. Therefore, most of the frequent visitors here are foreigners. Although it has only been more than three years since the old bookworm book bar began to take shape, it has attracted a large number of readers and tourists with rich collections and quiet places. The old bookworm book bar is like a small library. At present, it has about 14000 books, of which more than 8000 are English novels, almost all inclusive. In addition, there are all kinds of English magazines, such as National Geographic, BusinessWeek, etc. In addition, the old bookworm book bar also provides catering services, especially Italian mushroom and spinach filled square dumplings, which is another feature of the bookstore in addition to its large collection

7. Elateneo is located in the commercial street of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Its predecessor is the palace built by the great architects Piro and TOLES amongo for Queen Marcus gruxman of Argentina in 1860. Athenian bookstore has three floors, with a business area of more than 2000 square meters, ranking first in South America. The interior decoration of the bookstore is elegant, and the dome murals are painted by Italian painter Nazarene olandi, which shows the aspirations of people who have experienced war for peace. The bookstore can be called a landmark of Buenos Aires

8. Beijing pular kid s Republic is the first children's bookstore opened by Beijing Pulan Cultural Development Co., Ltd. in China. The company was invested and established in China by Baiyang society, a famous Japanese children's book publishing house, in July 2004 with a registered capital of 5million yuan. It is positioned as a "children's cultural enterprise", Dr. Roland stegmueler, the general manager of Bayer Shanghai 1 integrated chemical base, said, "as a leading children's book in China's chlor alkali industry, Shanghai chlor alkali classic plans and implements early childhood reading activities, develops copyright trading markets and project agents, designs and manufactures educational toys, etc.

9. There is a bookstore in Brazil Sao Paulo (livriada Vila)

there is a bookstore designed by isayweinfeld, a local architect in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The design of the door is very special. The bookcase is full of books. Using the rotary opening method as the store door, you can see clearly from a distance that there is an "Inn bookstore" here, but these books are not afraid of being stolen! Isay Weinfeld used the concept of the existence of the book itself and placed various books in any corner of a bookstore, making a bookstore a veritable "bookstore". Like many bookstores, there are a large number of books and clean and bright spaces in the store, so that consumers who come here to buy books can have a happy shopping environment

10. Mexico - cafebreriael pendulo in Mexico City

it has always been considered one of the best summer resorts in Mexico City. The bookstore is an open building with pavilions and green trees. It is suitable for staying away from the crowd in the afternoon. With a cup of coffee, you can read a Book leisurely. When you are tired, you can get up and walk around and browse the surrounding green plants to relieve the fatigue of your eyes

11. Legal life has been sublimated and surpassed abroad - Shakespeare Company in Paris

there is no Shakespeare in France, but there is a world-famous Shakespeare bookstore. The bookstore, located on the left bank of the Seine Marne River in Paris, was opened by American Ms. Sylvia Picchi in 1919. Later, with the participation of painter Picasso, musician Stravinsky, writer Joyce, dancer Duncan and others, it became famous and attracted more scholars. Every Sunday afternoon tea time and Monday evening outdoor poetry reading have become the tradition of the bookstore. The bookstore also has several beds for tourists to stay free, which has become a unique feature. Nowadays, Shakespeare bookstore has become a landmark of Paris and a must for many tourists and literary lovers

12 is the fundamental reason for choosing long fiber composites over other types of reinforced plastics Thelast bookstore in Los Angeles, USA.

the super large space constructed by high ceilings and magnificent columns, avant-garde window design, and the service desk built by book walls are all highlights. Secondly, without exception, in terms of functional planning, there is an activity space to provide talks, performances, and signing meetings, which also makes reading in the last bookstore a very enjoyable thing for readers

13. Greece Santorini atlantisbookshop

atlantisbookshop is a paradise for literary lovers. Standing on the balcony of the bookstore, you can overlook the panoramic view of Santorini volcanic island in Greece. It is especially suitable for viewing the sea here, and the gorgeous sunset scenery here is also very famous. The bookstore is jointly managed by a group of artists, so it often organizes drama performances and shows open-air movies. Visitors can even take a nap on the bed provided by the bookstore

14. The location of Bart s books, an open-air bookstore in Ojai, California, was originally a private mansion. There were three small houses and several big trees in the open courtyard on a land of about 900 square meters. Bookseller Richard battindale decided to sell second-hand books and rare books here in 1963. In addition to placing expensive rare books in three cabins, the rest of the 100000 second-hand books are all displayed on outdoor open bookshelves. Simple wooden bookshelves with wavy iron sheet or plastic canopy on the top are like pieces of installation art in the courtyard. Richard's idea of selling books outdoors is mainly inspired by the riverside bookstall in Seine Mann, Paris. Gary, who has a bachelor's degree in horticulture and has managed gardens at the University of Stanford since 1976? After Gary Schlichter became the successor owner of Barthes' bookstore, he planted many flowers and plants, making it a veritable bookstore

15. Italy - La librarie 10 Corso Como

it is said that this bookstore brings together global culture. Visitors can not only see many books, but also visit exhibitions, have meals, or spend the night in the hotel room in Milan. This is a Milan fashion store whose place name is the name of the store, a store like a magazine - the fashion industry is used to comparing this store to a fashionable magazine with novel and smooth methods. And its owner Carla? Carla sozzani doesn't think so. "My original intention is to create a place where people feel comfortable. The things I choose and like are placed casually in it. It's like an Italian pizza." In 1990, Carla opened an art buyer's shop of gallery and bookstore at No. 10 corsocomo street, far away from the downtown of Milan, and named it directly after the house number. Carla has worked in many Italian fashion magazines. Since 1976, she has been the editor in chief of Italian Vogue special issue for 11 years. In 1987, she was the editor in chief of Italian version of Elle for 8 months. But Carla has a sister who is more famous than her - franca, editor in chief of the Italian version of vogue? Franca sozzani

16. Britain arnick railway station second-hand bookstore barter books

the original site is a railway station, so Qiaosi designed a train track on the bookshelf to let the small train shuttle through the array of second-hand books, as if it had reappeared in the past. The design details also include a series of verses posted on the edge of the track, paragraph by paragraph like a railway track. Also striking is a large mural seen in the door. There are 43 protagonists, all of whom are well-known writers, including Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, George Orwell and Woolf

17 The American Book Center in Amsterdam is probably the largest bookstore in Anglo Saxon Europe. The architectural style of the store is bold and amazing, so it often becomes the venue of various cultural activities and the stage for many artists to freely display. Although the space of the American book center looks a little messy, in fact, the stairs in the form of ladders, the columns in the shape of tree trunks, and the fine seams between beams and columns and the ceiling are all carefully designed by designers! Judging from the appearance, this bookstore

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