Only by doing well in logistics, e-commerce will d

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Only by doing well in logistics e-commerce can it develop explosively.

one of the major troubles perplexing domestic e-commerce is that when buyers enjoy the convenience of staying at home, they have a lot of "criticisms" about logistics fees. As a result, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, who founded Taobao, once said: in the early stage of e-commerce, logistics is the biggest problem restricting its development

and letao, the largest online shoe city in China, has turned language into action. On June 30, letao group, China's largest footwear B2C station, announced the launch of a free shipping event. Whether users of letao group choose the fast SF express delivery or the EMS express delivery with the widest delivery area, they can enjoy the freight free discount regardless of the amount

Chinese e-commerce experts have carried out demonstration work and said that with the development of e-commerce and the maturity of payment links, enterprises will pay more attention to logistics, logistics problems will also be benign, and the explosive development of e-commerce will also start

who will bear the logistics cost

why "logistics is restricting the development of e-commerce"? In recent years, with the increase of the number of Chinese people, shopping has become a synonym for "fashion", and e-commerce has also flourished, which has led to the explosive development of the logistics industry, and large and small logistics companies have sprung up all over the country. Indeed, these logistics companies have assisted e-commerce, making online shopping the most convenient, cost-effective and labor-saving huge industry

when a user needs to buy a commodity, the offline purchase habit is that the consumer will first carefully inquire about the public praise of the commodity from the surrounding people, then go to the corresponding place through the corresponding transportation mode to bargain, shop around, and finally buy the commodity. In this process, the user will pay physical strength and a lot of energy to buy the commodity, but it is worth noting that, This product is not the most preferred product of users, because users can only shop around during this process, and the region is limited to the user's region

if shopping through e-commerce, users can easily find merchants with the product all over the country, bargain through online chat, and finally reach an agreement. They can enjoy their success through the links of placing an order - delivering goods - signing for payment, which is the concentrated embodiment of the convenience and labor saving of e-commerce. What about saving money

as we all know, any product will have huge differences in price due to its production place, production raw materials and other issues. Therefore, in the process of purchasing through e-commerce, almost all users will encounter similar problems. For example, a Miss Meng in Beijing once encountered such a situation. When she was wandering on the Internet, she found a favorite silk pillow towel in a store outside the Fifth Ring Road in the urban area, This silk pillow towel can be bought for only yuan. If you are in some silk stores near your home and company, the same style will cost yuan. However, it is worth noting that the store outside the Fifth Ring Road clearly stipulates that the buyer should pay the logistics fee for all items ordered and purchased in the store. Therefore, is safety insurance normal? If Miss Meng only buys this product, she needs to pay yuan. The money to be paid is the same. Finally, Miss Meng chose to buy it in the physical store downstairs. She thought: why not go to a physical store for the same price? At least you can buy it at ease, and now most people are in need of small pieces. If a commodity costs only 5 yuan, but you have to pay 10 yuan, why buy it

this reflects the limitations of logistics and the constraints on e-commerce. Because businesses also achieve the purpose of rapid delivery through logistics, after businesses avoid various adverse factors existing in the express industry, such as unhappy express delivery, poor service quality, and difficult claims for goods loss and damage, who should pay the express fee has become another prominent constraint. If purchasing loses the advantage of saving money, the biggest advantage of e-commerce will also be lost. In addition, the cases of "buying notebooks into bricks" occur frequently, and the development prospect of e-commerce is undoubtedly cast a shadow

erase the distance between purchase and home

in fact, there is no need to be too pessimistic about the development of e-commerce, because Shangshang merchants also begin to understand the positive role of logistics in e-commerce, and realize that the delivery speed and safety guarantee of logistics companies represent the image and brand of the merchants themselves

letao group (), a vertical e-commerce station dominated by sports shoes and trendy casual shoes, publicly said that letao group would not choose a small express company without guarantee in order to reduce the cost of the distribution system. The company would assign special personnel to investigate and choose a distribution company with high reputation to fully ensure the safety of goods during transportation. At the same time, the company would also try every means to reduce or reduce the logistics costs that buyers need to pay

Bi Sheng, CEO of letao, said, "Zappos, the largest footwear B2C station in the United States, can enable users to buy one pair and logistics companies to give three pairs free, so that customers can try on the other two pairs before deciding to buy. When domestic logistics takes this step or even further, it will also be the real explosion of the domestic e-commerce market."

coincidentally, Taobao has also successively announced the joint launch of the "cargo logistics Recommendation Index" with more than 10 famous logistics enterprises at home and abroad. Consumers can choose their own logistics companies to avoid some unsafe factors according to the "credit" of express delivery

the move of "free freight for all" of letao group is praised by insiders as the most leading step for users to consider and solve logistics problems. In this regard, Bi Sheng said: "Low price, convenience and multiple styles have always been the goals pursued by letao people. The significance of e-commerce for Chinese consumers is not only to buy more cheap things, but also to buy things that can reduce the emission of carbon and other harmful materials, and solve problems that users can't solve at home. We will continue to put the interests of buyers first forever, and when logistics no longer restricts e-commerce Service, users will ignite their confidence in e-commerce, and the vigorous development of e-commerce will be just around the corner. "

letao group is a vertical e-commerce station focusing on sports shoes and trendy casual shoes. Thousands of internationally renowned brand sports shoes and trendy casual shoes appear simultaneously, but they can enjoy a discount of 70% or even lower when synchronized with the counter. At present, the brands include Nike, Adidas, converse, NewBaron, puma, Reebok, kaluchi, clover and other international mainstream brands. It is reported that letao will implement the 7 new energy vehicle power battery. In the process of using, it is faced with high battery price, too long charging time, short mileage, poor environmental versatility * 24-hour all-weather service, and launch the policy of wearing it if it is suitable, and changing it for free if it is not suitable, Strive to make users closer to the consumption experience of exclusive stores. With lotao, a shopping shoe city, consumers have more new channels to obtain the latest product information and purchase information, and can also buy reassuring products more conveniently and quickly through the Internet

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